Bon Accord at the Chefs Taster Lunch

The famous Bon Accord soft drinks company, resurrected three years ago by the great-great granddaughter of the Robb family founder after a sixteen year absence, will be at the Chefs Taster Lunch on Sunday November 4th in an event aimed at showcasing local business and helping to provide bursaries for hospitality students at SRUC Elmwood Campus and Fife College.

The lunch, offering great food and exceptional value, will take place at the Old Course Hotel, Golf Resort and Spa between 12-3pm on Sunday November 4th. Visitors will be able to see the chefs at work, and ask questions about their dishes, ingredients, and techniques.

The innovative event offers tickets for just £5 which can be used to try three dishes. Multiple tickets can be purchased, booking isn’t necessary, and entry is free. Children under 12 will be given free tickets for three dishes. There will also be free samples of artisan soft drinks and speciality coffee.

Taking part will be the Old Course Hotel itself, St Andrews Links, The Adamson, The Peat Inn, The Seafood Ristorante, Kinnettles, Zest, Forgan’s, Mitchell’s Deli, Rogue, the Scottish Fruit Company, Fisher and Donaldson, The Tailend, The Newport, St Andrews Brewing Company, Macdonald Rusacks, Hotel du Vin St Andrews, and Bon Accord Soft Drinks. Support is being provided by SRUC Elmwood Hospitality.

Bon Accord Is Back!

Once a dominant brand on the Scottish soft drink scene, Bon Accord was a household name and loved by many.  Now, four generations on, the company has been revived and re-imagined for modern day consumers.

Founded in the early 1900’s by Thomas and David Robb, then expanded by Thomas’s four sons, Bon Accord has always been a family business with strong Scottish roots. With factories in Aberdeen and Arbroath, depots in Inverness and the Central Belt, and a fleet of iconic lorries, Bon Accord delivered soft drinks and cordials to communities all over Scotland.

Its famous glass bottles, which were collected and recycled, were a familiar sight in homes and on doorsteps for generations.

For over 100 years Bon Accord found a place in the hearts of the nation before operations were closed 2000. Now back after 16 years, it’s still a family business, but times have changed and with a new generation at the helm there’s a “new approach to pop”

Bon Accord Soft Drinks are full in flavour, but contain no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. They are flavoured with 100% natural ingredients.

The company’s classic Tonic Water is light and fresh.  It pairs well with the growing number of craft gins, allowing you to taste their subtle differences.  Alternatively it makes a great standalone soft drink garnished with a large wedge of citrus fruit.



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