Centuries old links inspire St Andrew’s Day Sausage

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Well known Fife butchery business Minick of St Andrews has added an unusual touch to celebrations around St Andrew’s Day by coming up with a very special sausage.

The product is themed on a centuries old links with Saint Andrew, and with the fearsome wild boars that roamed local countryside.

The wild boar has appeared in a number of St Andrews related emblems also showing Scotland’s patron saint, and the animal still features, alongside Saint Andrew, in the Coat of Arms of the town’s community council.

Now Stuart Minick has teamed up with Savour St Andrews, Hilton Wild Boar, and Thistly Cross Cider sourced from the St Andrews Brewing Co., to create his “St Andrew’s Day Sausage”

Stuart said that he wanted to do something to mark this special time of year, and the iconic images of the boar and Saint Andrew made an ideal connection.

He said that local history points out that an important part of the endowment of the monastery that developed at Kilrymont in the Middle Ages was the Cursus ApriRegalis – “the run of the royal wild boar”

“I’ve also read that that in 1520 a gigantic boar reported to have slain men and cattle was killed near St Andrews, and its 16 inch long tusks were attached to the high altar at the cathedral. 

“We already produce a pork and cider sausage for the St Andrews Brewing Company’s pub in the town, and we have been working hard to perfect the gamier wild boar version.

“We’ll be providing samples of the sausage in our St Andrews Shop on November 30th. It’s a very distinctive taste, and we hope people will like it.”

Before setting up in business on his own, Stuart built up a wealth of experience in the trade, starting off with his father Arthur, who managed a family business in Tayport.

He worked with the Co-op in Cupar, then went south to Hampshire in 2005 to manage a biodynamic butchery unit at Laverstoke Park Farm, owned by the charismatic former Formula 1 Grand Prix Champion Jodi Scheckter.

In 2006 he moved to Sheepdrove Organic Butchers based in Hungerford, with shops in Bristol and London, run by the Kindersley Family, Stuart also gave butchery demonstrations and taught renowned chef’s cutting skills.

Other jobs in Angus and Fife were followed by a spell in Austin, Texas, with the US company Whole Foods Market, and it was there that Stuart learned some of the secrets of creating the classic burgers which have become an in-demand speciality in his shops, and with great success at Blackhorn, St Andrews.

Currently gearing up for the festive season, Stuart has just entered the Scotch Pie Awards for the first time with his scotch pie, sausage roll and individual steak and gravy pie. His normal steak pies – part of New Year tradition in Scotland, will require the preparation of no less two and a half tons of stew! And the firm is planning the development of a specific bakery and kitchen to deal with the demand in Cupar.

There are now over 20 staff, plus Stuart and his wife Meg, with shops in St Andrews, Cupar, Ladybank, Newport, and Anstruther.  At the moment the firm is planning the development of a specific bakery and kitchen to deal with the demand in Cupar.

“There is clearly a future for the independent retail butcher”, said Stuart.


Pics Alan Richardson

Stuart and Andrew Reade, general manager of St Andrews Brewing Company

Stuart providing a foodie welcome to St Andrews



Pic Alan Richardson Dundee, Pix-AR.co.uk Free to Use

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